2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2014)

ICRI 2014 will be held under the auspices of the forthcoming Greek Presidency of the European Union, co-organised and supported by the European Commission.

The conference is a forum for discussion and advancement of cooperation on research Infrastructures of global relevance. It builds on the conclusions of ICRI2012, as well as on the framework for International Cooperation for Global research infrastructures recently adopted by the G8 countries. The discussions will focus around:

  • highlighting the essential role of global research infrastructures in addressing the grand challenges at all scales: national, regional, European and global;
  • reflecting on the needs, development and operation of global research infrastructures;
  • presenting the main characteristics of global research infrastructures and identifying the challenges and drivers for collaboration at international level.

During the Plenary Sessions, the Global Challenges, the Governance and the Innovation Potential of Research Infrastructures will be addressed along with the topic of Data Management for Scientific Big Data.

The following topics will be addressed in parallel thematic sessions:

  • Environment, with focus on Marine science;
  • Cultural Heritage, including palaeoanthropology;
  • Food security, amongst others addressing the effect of climate change on food security and Agriculture;
  • E-infrastructures.

The conference themes will be presented and developed by well-known and respected experts on global research infrastructures. Participation is expected to be at high level.
Participation to ICRI 2014 will be by invitation only. You will therefore receive a formal invitation along with the Conference Programme and further information within the coming months.