D7.2 - Mark-up modules

This deliverable involved extending and integrating the GoldenGATE interactive mark-up tool (http://plazi.org/?q=GoldenGATE) within the Scratchpad infrastructure. GoldenGATE is our tool of choice because it has the mechanisms for handling the stylised structures common in taxonomic literature. Should integration of the complete tool prove difficult, GoldenGATE’s modular structure will permit it to be decomposed so that individual modules can be integrated into the Scratchpad infrastructure or deployed as web services.

Having established that GoldenGATE could not integrate easily with the new infrastructure, the primary achievement of Year Two is the reworking of GoldenGATE functionality into discrete web services. These are available as standalone RESTful calls and through WP5’s OBOE service (https://oboe.oerc.ox.ac.uk/). Through the application of the individual GoldenGATE web services we will be able to achieve all elements of this deliverable.

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