ViBRANT services have been based on user feedback from a series of independent user studies that identify and prioritise the new functionality requested by the current userbase.  The purpose of these activities is to foster the development of an ongoing integrated knowledge resource within the ViBRANT framework, and to use this as the basis for scientific infrastructure serving science and society.  Central to these service activities is the need to integrate the existing infrastructure more effectively.  Work is stratified into two service layers.  Data services (WP5) that perform some analytical or synthetic task on data present within the ViBRANT framework (specifically a Scratchpad), and publishing services which provide the means for ViBRANT users to publish species descriptions and taxonomic acts in a manner that is compliant with the codes of Zoological and Botanical nomenclature.  These services are aimed at maximising the efficiency and reuse of biodiversity data.  Service activities are spread between six ViBRANT partners including two SME’s.