Scripting Life Presentations

Scripting Life: the science behind ViBRANT was a two-day conference held in Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, Paris, France on 20th and 21st January 2011. This meeting formed the kick-off meeting for ViBRANT. Over 55 delegates participated in the meeting including taxonomists, computer scientists, publishers, and representatives from other major biodiversity projects. Day one consisted of a series of keynote talks on the major thematic components and philosophy of the ViBRANT project. Day two consisted of a series of lightning talks outlining the partners’ contributions to ViBRANT’s eight workpackages. Each of the presentations is available below. Audio files will be added shortly. 

Welcome and logistics

Dave Roberts, Project manager

ViBRANT Project Overview

Vince Smith, ViBRANT Coordinator

The Path to Enlightened Solutions for Biodiversity's Dark Data

Bryan Heidorn, Director of the School of Information Resources and Library Science at University of Arizona

Biodiversity informatics: why aren't we there yet?

Rod Page, University of Glasgow 

Lessons learnt from EDIT - linking taxonomy and conservation

Christoph Häuser, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin 

Biodiversity Literature for the 21st Century

Donat Agosti, ViBRANT Strategic Board member, Plazi President and American Museum of Natural History, New York. 

Biodiversity Heritage Library: Process & Progress

Phil Cryer, Biodiversity Heritage Library

Sociological tips for successful infrastructures

Christine Hine, University of Surrey, UK.

Participation, Publication, Persistence & Platforms

Gregor Hagedorn, ViBRANT Strategic Board member & Scientist at the Julius Kühn Institute

Setting the Scene for ViBRANT – Strategy, Philosophy and Communication

Vince Smith, ViBRANT Coordinator and Dave Roberts, Project manager

An introduction to lightning talks – setting the scene for the day

Vince Smith


WP1: Overview (Management, record keeping, auditing, reporting, accounting, money, timesheets, delivering deliverables and logistics)

Gemma Maldar

ViBRANT management arrangements

Dave Roberts

ViBRANT Strategic board

Vince Smith


WP3 Overview (Training and Sociology)

Thierry Backeljau, WP3 Leader

Training Programme

Isabella Van de Velde

NHM training and support integration

Irina Brake

Users communities and user requirements: moving (biodiversity information) from desk to desktop

Peter van den Besselaar and / or Daphne Duin

Identification tools and user engagement in KeyToNature

Pier Lugi Nimis

WP4 Overview (Standards)

Olaf Banki, WP4 leader

GBIF Controlled Vocabularies

Dave Remsen

Facilitating Vocabulary Building

Gregor Hagedorn

Linking standards

Walter Berendsohn

WP8 Overview (Mobalisation)

Christos Arvanitidis, WP8 leader

GBIF nodes and data enhancement activities

Dave Remsen

ViBRANT Data visualisation (Including mobile apps)

Javier de la Torre

Terrestrial data logging

Alexander Kroupa

Citizen science activities (follows from WP8 overview)

Christos Arvanitidis



WP5 Overview (Data services)

Neil Caithness, WP5 leader

Distributed phylogenetic services

Milo Thurston

Identification keys

Régine Vignes-Lebbe

Ontologies for description, classification and identification processes

Noël Conruyt

Descriptive data supporting keys – SDD

Gregor Hagedorn

Mobile phone apps monitoring biodiversity

Javier de la Torre

Biodiversity indices (follows from above)

Javier de la Torre

WP6 Overview: From prototypes to industry standards: Markup, semantic enhancements and automated dissemination of content from the viewpoint of a biodiversity publisher

Lyubo Penev, WP6 leader

Gathering data for publications

Ben Scott

XML-based editorial workflow, or how to extract more value from the same source?

Teodor Georgiev


WP7 Overview (Biodiversity literature)

David Morse, WP7 leader

Content Markup / Plazi

Guido Sautter

INOTAXA markup and its relations to ViBRANT

Chris Lyal

XML markup in prospective publishing, or how to be at the same time innovative and cost efficient?

Teodor Georgiev

Semantic data mining of literature

Dave King

WP2 Overview (Technical architecture)

Simon Rycroft, WP2 leader

Search portal

Walter Berendsohn

Scratchpad module architecture and integration

Simon Rycroft

Nothing can possbily go wrong – Risk Analysis discussion

Facilitated by Gemma Maldar & Vince Smith