Twitter Updates

Included below are the most recent updates from our Twitter feeds. You can also access these tweets as an RSS feed.

To post to these feeds include "@vbrant #wp[x]" in your message, replacing [x] with the number of your workpackage. Alternatively, to post to the ViBRANT project feed just include "@vbrant" in your message. Further information on how to use Twitter can be found on our Using Twitter page.

Workpackage 1

@vbrant #wp1 -include:retweets

Workpackage 2

@vbrant #wp2 -include:retweets

Workpackage 3

@vbrant #wp3 -include:retweets


Workpackage 4

@vbrant #wp4 -include:retweets

Workpackage 5

@vbrant #wp5 -include:retweets

Workpackage 6

@vbrant #wp6 -include:retweets


Workpackage 7

@vbrant #wp7 -include:retweets

Workpackage 8

@vbrant #wp8 -include:retweets



@vbrant -from:vbrant -from:sRUt_PAPER