WP3: Training, outreach and community support

Workpackage 3 will organise and deliver ViBRANT training resources in order to support and extend the user communities working with ViBRANT products. This includes local workshops bringing ViBRANT products to events organised by user communities, electronic resources accessible to users at their home institution and dedicated conferences focussing on VIBRANT products. These networking activities are designed to enhance use of ViBRANT services and to develop a network that will foster the long-term sustainability of the ViBRANT developer and user community. Central to these efforts is the inclusion of sociological studies of ViBRANT’s user-base. This work will underpin ViBRANT’s development priorities and maximise engagement in the ViBRANT community.

D3.1 - Training strategy

Full strategy for training and delivery, tested on an initial training course and with training course announcements and workshops for the next year.

M3.12 - Assessment of user support services, with the refinement of subsequent milestones

Scratchpads user support systems are analysed and discussed. Results of a maintainer survey will feed into the development and project management of Scratchpads.

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