M4.38 - ZooKeys special issue on Fauna Europaea data papers

M4.38a – Migration of FaEu production server. Partners: UvA, MfN (established: http://www.faunaeur.org)
M4.38b – New version of FaEu. Partner: UvA (second beta at: http://faunaprod.uva.sara.nl/index.php). Final version released at 9 April 2013.
M4.38c – FaEu data papers as ZooKeys special issue. Partner: UvA, Pensoft

State of affairs 1 July 2013:
- 58 data papers in preparation in Pensoft Writing Tool
- 3 descriptive ZooKeys papers in draft for special issue
- 3 vision ZooKeys papers in preparation for special issue

ViBRANT_M4.38—Fauna_Europaea_migration_and_data_papers_v2.pdf3.54 MB