M7.16 - Mark-up modules delivering outline mark-up

E.g. for article boundaries, treatment boundaries, headings and authors


Milestone original delivery date was Thursday 31 May 2012.

Deferred to Friday 29 June 2012 in line with changing emphasis within WP7 to favour progress on bibliographic reference handling at the expense of mark up processing. See milestones M7.23 and M7.24.

Deferred again - see Rescheduling below.

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See the http://wiki.scratchpads.eu/w/M716report for documentation on this work.

Actually, this is complete - just not fully written up. I hope to get this done by the end of this week, ie Friday 5 October. However, I only noticed the milestone's status in the project Scratchpad today, so I'm late in marking it as complete.

In summary: the previously monolithic GoldenGATE has been successfully decomposed into discrete web services delivering outline mark up.

In progress

Looking at delivering automatic processing by running GoldenGATE services through oboe.


Following a meeting with Dave Roberts (http://vbrant.eu/content/meeting-notes-monday-18-june-2012), we (ie WP7) realise we need to reschedule our year two work to further prioritise RefBank and have a service to launch at this year's TDWG.

Hence, deferring this milestone for now while we work on enhancing RefBank and work out how we fit in delivering mark up support.


GoldenGATE repackaged as web services and passed to oboe team to implement for testing.