M7.23 Extend RefBank import routines to support other widely used bibliographic formats, eg BibTex, RIS, etc

As the milestone states, RefBank needs extending so that import from other widely used bibliographic formats such as BibTex and RIS are supported. This will facilitate populating the database by bulk upload of personal bibliographies. Note that this milestone relies on there being a working attribution (origin) mechanism - see Milestone M7.21 - if people who upload their bibliographies are to be credited. Bulk upload will be implemented by Milestone M7.24.

This milestone was defined in M7.15.


Milestone original delivery date was Friday 29 June 2012.
Brought forward to Friday 1 June 2012 in line with changing emphasis within WP7 to favour progress on bibliographic reference handling at the expense of mark up processing. See milestones M7.16 and M7.24.


Enhanced functionality - export text formats

In addition to importing the listed technical formats, RefBank will export references in those formats too.

However, anecdotal evidence indicates that most taxonomists do ''not'' use reference manager software. Hence they are not be interested in the variety of technical formats available. Informal discussions indicate that many taxonomists maintain Word documents, or similar, with a list of useful references. The references are often formatted to a common standard, such as Harvard. For these users the ability to export references from RefBank in the more common text formats would be beneficial. Work is being progressed to identify the appropriate text formats that RefBank should support.

Notes on the work-in-progress are recorded here => http://wiki.scratchpads.eu/w/WP7RefBankOutputFormats.

Update on progress

As the original remit of this milestone has been completed, the milestone is marked as complete.

Note, work continues to deliver this additional functionality, which will be added over the Summer.

In progress

* BibTex
* Endnote XML
* Endnote RIS
* Plain text

…and completed (update Thursday 31 May 2012)