D4.2 - Ontology tools

Develop the GBIF ontology tool and produce an equivalent tool based on a semantic wiki. Deliver a single user interface for ontology creation and editing based on user-acceptance of the alternative technologies.

Partners: GBIF (KOS) & JKI (Wiki's)

ViBRANT_D4.2a — Ontology Tools - Status report 2011.pdf1.75 MB
ViBRANT_D4.2b — Ontology Tools- Status report 2012.pdf3.16 MB


Demo Vocabulary Management software tools

See also Milestone 4-16 [1].

The Vocabulary Management software tools we plan for the proposed TDWG TAG Vocabulary Management Task Group (VoMaG) to evaluate are now made available online [2]. These tools include the GBIF Vocabulary Server [3] based on the Scratchpads platform, the Semantic MediaWiki [4] as suggested by ViBRANT WP4 partners, and the ISOcat software [5].

[1] http://vbrant.eu/content/m416-ontology-tools-scoping-document-kos-archit...
[2] http://kos.gbif.org/
[3] http://vocabularies.gbif.org/
[4] http://kos.gbif.org/wiki/
[5] http://kos.gbif.org/isocat/interface/