WP1: Project Management

The Management Committee is chaired by the leader of WP1, Dave Roberts, with one representative of each of the remaining Work Packages (WP2-8) plus the Project Co-ordinator (Vince Smith, NHM) plus the project administrator (Gemma Maldar, NHM) and will make decisions on the Network Activity and Joint Research Activity Work Packages (WP1-8).



A Work Package Leader is an individual appointed to represent those parties with responsibilities within that Work Package.  Work Package leaders were identified during the project preparation and can be changed by agreement within the workpackage and with the agreement of the Management Committee.

M4.40 - Advanced Statistics web services for the ViBRANT Index

Advanced Statistics web services in the ViBRANT Index (e.g. to search and count objects within single classifications or even sub-trees)

Partner: BGBM

D8.3 - A start-up portal for discovery of GBIF mediated data

The Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) Startup enables countries to establish a web presence with relevant biodiversity information from GBIF and EOL. The NPT Startup will be built on the ScratchPads platform, and will extend developments of ViBRANT to a broader context of the use of biodiversity data portals. The first version of the Nodes Portal Toolkit (NPT) Startup will be available as a Drupal profile accompanied with relevant documentation for use and further development. The NPT will be deployed in several countries within and outside Europe.

D8.2 - Analytical and reporting tools

The delivery of Analytical and reporting tools include two main software packages:

1) GeoCAT: This tool is designed to produce rapid species level conservation assessments based on IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria (IUCN 2001). Through an easy to use interface with a familiar Google Map underlay you can upload primary occurrence data for a species and at the click of a button calculate values relating to the geographic range of a species.

M8.20 - Ecological and conservation applications implemented as a service

Ecological and conservation applications implemented as a service

M8.18 - Scratchpads module for data recording (Citizen Science ) - Alpha version

Scratchpads module for data recording (Citizen Science ) - Alpha version

The delivery of this Milestone was postponed from the first semester of the third year of the project because it needs more time for collaboration with WP2. Migration from Drupal6 to Scratchpads2 requires additional effort both from WP8 and WP2 to deliver the Alpha version of the data recording module.

Alpha version is almost there. Needs a little work from NHM team. However, it is postponed in order to integrate the apps for the mobile phones.

M4.33 - XML Tranformations CDM export


Description: Write XSL transformations to transfer CDM publishing output to MediaWiki.

Partner: BGBM

D3.1 - Training strategy

Full strategy for training and delivery, tested on an initial training course and with training course announcements and workshops for the next year.

D4.2 - Ontology tools

Develop the GBIF ontology tool and produce an equivalent tool based on a semantic wiki. Deliver a single user interface for ontology creation and editing based on user-acceptance of the alternative technologies.

Partners: GBIF (KOS) & JKI (Wiki's)

M3.12 - Assessment of user support services, with the refinement of subsequent milestones

Scratchpads user support systems are analysed and discussed. Results of a maintainer survey will feed into the development and project management of Scratchpads.

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